The Scott Wedding

Leanne & Garry’s Lockdown wedding PART 1

Well… It’s been nearly a year since my last wedding blog post and in that time I have shot 2 weddings. YES, ONLY 2.

2020 has been one hell of a year for a lot of people especially the wedding industry but I’m not going to focus this post too much on that, instead, I would like to show you all this fantastic wedding shot in December 2020.

With only 15 guests allowed to attend I went into this wedding season (if you can call it a season) with an open yet disheartened mind but what I experienced was something magical.

If this Lockdown / Pandemic / pure craziness has taught us anything it is that family and friends are what is important and seeing this with Leanne & Garry sparked the magic of weddings back up for me.

We started this journey at a new venue for me, Webster’s Ropery in Sunderland. A stunning rustic yet stylish venue right on the river. We then headed out to sea, well the seafront at least, where 15 people family and friends enjoyed fish & chips in the rain which topped off the most perfect day.

This whole process throughout the pandemic has been stressful and utterly horrendous for my couple but seeing them on this day with so much love in their hearts just makes me smile and has given me the push I needed to keep my small business going through all of this, so for this, I would like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart as this day will forever hold a special place in it.

Enough of me chit-chatting, take a look for yourself 🙂 ENJOY!!




If you are getting married at Webster’s Ropery in Sunderland, or any other UK/EU destination then please do get in touch as I would love to hear from you.