A Romanian Wedding – Bucharest

Where do I begin ……..

Alex & Florentina’s wedding in Bucharest, Romania is one of those weddings that I will NEVER forget!.

The wedding itself for me was very formal and traditional, not my usual style and certanly not like weddings in the UK where we take a more relaxed approach. Aside from this, take in the location and a groom with a strange fascination with tall buildings and you have yourself an epic wedding.

I arrived in the early hours of Friday morning to be met by Alex and Flori, happy, smiling and so excited not only for the wedding but to show me the city and the grooms home town of Constanta.

I was driven around all the beautiful buildings and places of “tourist Interest” in Bucharest and of course every single high rise building with a sky bar :).

The wedding day – Ive added images to this blog that best represent the flow of the day. We first visited what we would call the registry office (all weddings in Romania do this before they head off to church) at 12pm but we were not expected to arrive at the church until 5 so we toured the city taking a few (hahaha) snaps along the way. 5 hours later we were at the church, a scene from a movie, it was so beautiful.

From the church we headed to the venue and yes you’ve guessed it we went to the top floor of the Silk panoramic restaurant. With a 360 view of Bucharest and a magical sunset this was one of the only times my vertigo did not show :).

The next day we drove 2 & 1/2 hours to Constanta and visited the Cazino Constanta and I’m sure you’ll agree, the drive was worth it :)!

Enough of me talking now take a look for yourselves…. Enjoy.

Words from the happy couple. ”

Thank you for a memorable wedding Kim! It’s something that all of us, guests included, will never forget. Your positive attitude out stands everything.  honestly Kim these photos are AMAZING you are fab!!! we love all of them you have such good eye and great talent”.


If you are getting married in Romania/Bucharest or any other UK/EU destination then please do get in touch as I would love to hear from you.